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About Father Brian

Dr. Turner attended the Scott School of Theology. He has served a member of the vestry, a lay reader, a lay Eucharistic minister, and as the parish chancellor for Christ Church in Warrenton.  He is also the chancellor for the Diocese of the East. Fr. Brian was consecrated a Canon of the Diocese of the East by Bishop McLaughlin on October 7th at Christ Church in a full Scottish ceremony.

Brian Turner was raised in northern New York State. He was both Valedictorian and the Outstanding Athlete of his high school class.  In college, he studied geology earning a B.S. at the University of Rochester, an M.S. at Yale University, and a Ph.D. at the University of Kansas.  He was also a starting linebacker on his college football team.

He served on active duty in the Air Force from 1967 to 1971 performing specialized navigation duties on a C-130 and coordinating worldwide remote sensing research.  Following his time in the Air Force, Dr. Turner entered Albany Law School and earned his J.D.   He was admitted to the NYS Bar to practice before the Federal District Court NDNY in 1975.  He practiced environmental law and general law in Plattsburgh, NY, until 1979, when he accepted a position as a geology professor at George Mason University.  In 1985 he joined TRW as an electrical engineer using his combined interests in geophysics and radio theory.  He held a number of engineering positions in support of both the military and intelligence communities.

Father Brian lives in Woodstock, Virginia with his wife Martha.

Father Turner

About Rev. Jim Craft

Jim Craft was born at Cherry Point Marine Air Station in 1956, was baptized a Roman Catholic and attended Parochial schools in his early years.  After his confirmation, the family started attending the local Church of Christ.  He attended George Mason University and upon graduation, like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather served in the US Marine Corps.  He was commissioned in 1978 after graduation from George Mason with a degree in Business Administration.  He was the first officer in his family.  He married Miss Joanne Beck in 1979.  His two children Jennifer and James were born later during his period of active duty at Ft. Belvoir.

After his active duty, he moved back to Northern Virginia in 1983  to work as a government contractor and completed three more years in the Marine Corps Reserves.  He was received into the Episcopal Church in 1984 and became heavily involved with various lay ministry opportunities as a Lay Eucharist Minister, Lay Preach and later a Lay Evangelist. 

In 2001, he was asked to serve as a chaplain for a Civil War Reenacting Unit.  Shortly after, Jim and Jo led Historic Faith Ministry, conducting historically accurate Victorian Era church services and historic themed evangelistic outreaches at living history events, historic sites, and schools.  In June of 2015, after thirty years in Manassas, Virginia, Jim and Joanne moved to their current home near Orlean, Virginia. Shortly, after arriving in Fauquier County, Jim and Joanne transferred their membership to Christ Church in Warrenton, Virginia.  Jim read for orders and was ordained a Priest in September 2018. Jim serves in various roles, including conducting services at area assisted living communities.

Deacon Jim Craft

About Father Gary Chique

Hermanos, nuestra parroquia ofrece los sacramentos de santa comunión y bautizamos en nuestro idioma para beneficio de todos los hispanos interesados. Ademas celebramos bodas, confirmación, entierros, y visitas al enfermo. Con el amor de Cristo en la tradición Anglicana (Católica Reformada de Inglaterra). Los esperamos.

Gary was born in Hoboken New Jersey in 1960. Shortly after this, his mother relocated to Puerto Rico with Gary, Paul (sibling) and Byron still in the womb. He attended public school all the way to the University of Puerto Rico, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in science.

In 1979, he joined the Army National Guard where he was a radio telephone operator for a Ranger Airborne unit. In 1983 he was an honor graduate of his Officer Candidate Class, becoming an Artillery Officer.

While serving in the National Guard he kept a parallel position for over 20 yrs. in the pharmaceutical industry as a consultant in areas of anti-infectives, mood disorders, cardiovascular, metabolic, and nuclear medicine.

He completed a total of 35 years combined, active and guard, military service. Served three deployments in this Nation’s longest war. Also retired as a Colonel working as the subject matter expert in matters of nuclear counterproliferation in the Joint Staff, Pentagon.

Gary is happily married to Rosa. They have four kids and four grandkids. Gary has several master’s degrees being the most recent one in Theology and is a recent graduate of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary where he completed an Anglican Certificate. He joined Christ Church, Warrenton in 2016 and recently ordained as a Priest.

His passion to serve others is balanced with active sports such as martial arts, skydiving, running, swimming and biking. He also has a soft spot for good food and for many is considered a Chef, having graduated from the Art Institute International in Culinary Arts. He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, camping, and photography of old.

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The Reverend Jim Craft assists with many of our church services. He also works prominently with our outreach programs and at three local nursing homes in Warrenton, Virginia.