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Thank you for visiting our church news page. We encourage you to check often for updates about our upcoming church bulletins, events, and services. For more information, please contact Christ Church in Warrenton, Virginia, or fill out the form on our Contact page.

March 29th
Maundy Thursday. 5 p.m. Holy Communion with teaching about the Passover and the origins of Holy Communion, followed by the stripping of the altar..

March 30th
Good Friday. 5 p.m. Stations of the Cross

April 1st
Easter services: 7:00 am sunrise service in the garden, 8:30 am Holy Communion in the Church, 10:00 am Holy Communion in the Church


Ms Stuart Greene

Ms Stuart Greene was presented with a framed Certificate of Appreciation by Bishop Jeff Anderson and Senior Warden Chris Gill to honor her 13 years of service on the Church Altar Guild.

Shrove Tuesday

February 13th: Shrove Tuesday was the annual Church pancake supper. The men of the parish do all the setup, cooking, and cleanup. This is truly an evening off for the women. It is always a fun time with way too much food

Christ Church News

Every Saturday from 7 to 8 PM we have a contemporary service of music and prayer for our nation, community, and each other.

Warrenton and the World

Communities in crisis. Fractured families. Broken lives. What can one person do for problems so big? Join us at Christ Church (95 Green Street, Warrenton) as we pray for our country, community and ourselves.

Prayer and worship service Saturdays 7:00-8:00 pm. Come and see what God can do!